The longer we live on this planet, the more scientists are finding out how important the things we put in our body are. Eating the wrong kinds of foods make us sluggish, obese, and promote disease while eating the right kinds of foods make us feel better and lead us to make better choices about our health overall. It’s easy to say that the right diet inspires well-being; but what does that mean?


Physical Well-Being

  • Our minds and bodies are more connected than most people think and your physical well-being can weigh heavily on your mental fitness. Taking care of your body with a proper diet does a lot more than change a few numbers on the scale. The right diet inspires more positive changes to your body which inspires you to make even more changes and creates a cycle of positive physical improvements.
  • Eating the right diet can reduce aches and pains in your body in many ways including reducing pressure on your joints and calming inflammation. Reducing aches and pains makes it easier to move and makes you feel better all around. Less pain means you are moving more and moving more helps to lose more weight.
  • Having clean foods in your body will balance your body and inspire both physical and mental well-being. The right diet makes everything in your body work the way it is meant to from your muscles to your internal organs, and even your skin. When you start to see and feel these physical benefits you’ll want nothing more than to continue reaping the benefits of clean eating.  
  • The right diet can even make your relationship better by improving your intimacy. Intimacy is an important part of most relationships and age, and a poor diet can make it nearly non-existent. Experiencing this benefit of healthy eating is usually enough to inspire people to explore other benefits of the right diet.

Mental Well-Being

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  • You may think that what goes in our stomachs has little effect on our brains, but that could not be further from the truth. The kinds of foods we eat have a lot to do without mental health and well-being, maybe even more than physical well-being.
  • Eating the right diet helps balance the chemicals in your brain to ward off anxiety and depression. It also helps to keep your mind clear and prevent groggy feelings that can lead to lethargy. A clear mind through a good diet both inspires and is inspired by well-being.
  • Arguably one of the best ways that eating the right diet can improve your overall well-being is by improving your confidence. Eating clean will almost always result in desirable body composition, and when you look good, you feel good. Enhanced confidence will affect your life in almost every aspect, and a well-balanced personal and professional life is the key to mental well-being.
  • There can be a lot of guilt associated with eating poorly. That guilt can unfortunately seep into other parts of your life and lead to poor decisions that negatively impact your self-image. By maintaining the right diet, you don’t need to worry about that guilt because you know you are doing right by your body.

Social Well-Being

Though many of the elements of physical and mental well-being can be combined under the umbrella of social well-being, it is its own beast. For better or worse a lack of social well-being can destroy physical and mental well-being and drive your diet in the wrong direction. We don’t realize how important our social interactions can be to our health until we step back and think about them.

  • At the very root of it all, good food gives you the energy to do everything you need to do in life. Maintaining a well-balanced diet cuts down on days where you want or need to stay in bed making you a functioning member of society.
  • Eating the right diet on a daily basis allows you to cheat when the time is right. Being able to go out for spontaneous drinks or share that appetizer that is a little high in fat isn’t a big deal when you know you run a tight ship.
  • One overlooked aspect of how eating the right diet can affect well-being is your effect on other people. Not only will looking and feeling better improve your relationships with other people, but you may inspire friends and family to live better as well. Them looking and feeling better thanks to your inspiration is a reward in itself.

Eating a clean and balanced diet has so many positive outcomes that it is a wonder that we don’t all do it. Anyone can do it; it just takes that first step of making one positive choice. Before long, your diet and lifestyle will be inspiring your own continued well-being and that of the people around you.


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Sam spent most of her childhood in the family kitchen, watching her mother and father prepare traditional Greek dishes. By the time she was 8 she could make spanakopita with her eyes closed. She blogs over at the Kitchen Professor. When she's not prepping meals for her kids, she loves to try out new recipes, cookware and kitchen utensils.