Good morning ladies! I wanted to share a touch of insight this week on a topic that is so easy to overlook when we’re caught up in the chaos of the day, but is so crucial to our well-being and the well-beings of those we love.

I recently had a lovely discussion with one of my professors on the necessity to grow in self-awareness of the results we each produce in our own lives by our every little action. For example, an unkind word can lead to a damaged relationship, neglect of a loved one can lead to interior injury, failing to eat nutritiously can lead to sickness and poor health, unforgiveness can lead to bitterness, hatred starts conflict, righteousness satisfies one’s appetite, wisdom listens to advice, and hard work leads to riches. Some things seem pretty straightforward to the average person, but I find it necessary for us all to explore things on a deeper level so that we can grow more in tune to how we can create the life our souls deeply desire.

Our discussion continued with how from a spiritual standpoint, it is especially important to understand the results of our behaviors and decisions in our minute by minute moments. How we speak to our family, how we respond to the unloving actions of others, how we treat our bodies with love, how we handle conflict, how we pray, how we think, how we respond to our own wounds, and how we respond to God’s will in our lives, all has great depth for exploration and discernment. This has tremendous effects on one’s overall health and wellness.

Our every little and big behaviors we pour into our day since the minute we wake in the morning till the moment we shut our eyes at night cultivate results--results we live with, both visible and invisible to the eye, but experienced by the soul. We do not always witness what our behaviors reap, such as smiling at a stranger could change their entire day. That positive emotional connection between you and them could have a major impact on them. Another example is acting mercifully to a bully. We may not see the fruits of this labor, but when the bully returns to his abusive home-life it may have softened his heart a bit and taught him kindness.

Let us not forget that all that we are and do is seen by our heavenly Father, and great will be our reward in heaven! Let us not grow distant to the power we have to kiss the wounds of those around us through our intentional loving actions. Let us not grow weary of the importance to care for our own internal life so that we may live faithfully, wholesomely, and virtuously. Let us not grow lukewarm in our faith and fail to live it through our little behaviors that fill our lifetime. Let us glorify Him in every little effort, every little deed, every little thought, every little feeling, and every little motive rooted within our God-centered actions. Let us strive to become more intentional with these actions so that they produce life, love, joy, peace, goodness, and fulfillment! Let us plant seeds that will bring us and others even closer to everlasting life.

I know for me, I want to strive to be more mindful of the results of my behaviors so that I can grow to love more richly. Sometimes I struggle with reacting to things without discerning what results could actually come out of them. For instance, when I am hurt and speak out with an unloving tone toward a loved one, it hurts the person whom I am upset with and also our relationship. It also hurts my emotional health, spiritual health, mental health, and everything beautiful and good that God intricately designed in me. It pulls me into darkness.

For this particular situation, I found that by practicing to PAUSE before emotionally reacting to things that will hurt my life or the lives of others, and give myself a moment of mental prayer helps guide me toward making wise decisions that produce fruitful results. This little pause for mental prayer in a heated moment has been my saving grace so many times! It has given me peace of mind and also changed the direction of my relationships. Just as unrighteousness leads to death and believing in God leads to eternal life, our little behaviors lead us toward light (our Father) or darkness (away from Him). He is always calling us home, beckoning to us, and reaching out for us with loving arms in every little moment in our hurt, anger, loneliness, and everything in between that makes up whatever day we are having. He wants us. Let’s want Him too and live it through our every little moments so that we can cultivate lives that are meaningful, worthwhile, enriching, and deeply fulfilling.

Let us pause before we react, and virtuously act with intention that will cultivate a life our soul desires!