What was the most hurtful thing someone has done to you? We all can easily bring back that painful memory (or series of memories) where someone has deeply wounded us. Perhaps it was an ex fiance, a spouse, a brother, a parent, or your best friend, who hurt you beyond what you thought they were even capable of. Healing from the hurt can be tough, especially when they never offered an apology. I always believed that having the strength to forgive someone who was not at all sorry was one of the most heroic qualities to have. To not allow their wrongdoing have anymore power over you produces peace, joy, and freedom! Each of us may oftentimes find ourselves in this pursuit, freeing ourselves from past pain and giving ourselves permission to walk without their vice shadowing the rest of our days.

How often do we, however, find ourselves in pursuit of healing those we have hurt? How many times do we think about the ways we have harmed others or even wounded those without our knowing? Maybe we are someone's DEEPEST HURT. Many often think that if we hurt someone’s feelings it’s always their problem and we are entitled to behave however we please at any cost to others. This narcissistic mentality is rooted in destructive pride and fails to embrace the dignity and value of the human person. It is an enemy to love. It is a weakness that is often disguised as power.

This week, I encourage you to empathize. You will never know how many people you have deeply hurt, but I hope that if you know some that you have, you have the courage to do something about it. The smallest gesture of kindness can go a long ways and can heal some hearts from pain. 1 letter, 1 card, 1 phone call, 1 bouquet of flowers, 1 coffee date, 1 hug, or simply the sincere words “I’m sorry” can transform someone else’s pain into peace. Even if it doesn’t make up for the wrong, it can still help someone feel a little bit better, and mend some wounds along the way.  You’ll find that when you take the moment to practice humility and compassion your heart will begin to experience a new joy and peace that you hadn’t known before. It’s such a beautiful awakening.