What is it you do to ensure you start off your day on an empowering note? I’ll be the first to admit I am not naturally a morning person and for anyone who knows me personally, they are fully aware of my past hot mess self. I was always a wreck when my alarm clock went off at the last possible minute signaling my morning routine of inhumane chaos to come hurdling me out of bed in full force. I still believe I hold the world record for throwing myself together, out the door, and making it to class, work, you name it, faster than any functioning human being. The best description witnesses of this mentally deranged pattern have is merely a blur of confusion and untamed mane of curls gone wrong. Chugging down copious amounts of coffee was my desperate attempt to shake off another rough night’s sleep and force my zombi-like body to function at least somewhat humanly.

How many of you have heard that your mornings are the most important part of your day? I assume a sea of hands arose because mine definitely did. I was that person who was told this by many and had books waving at me, waiting to fill me with education on the importance of developing a healthy morning ritual, to which I quite frankly didn’t care about. I was not a morning person, had no intention on becoming one, and had no desire to even try to understand why in bloody hell people could possibly be happy at 7am. It took a bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology to actually peak my interest. It took another couple years to actually desire to apply it. Just because we know something is good for us doesn’t mean we personally find it worth our time. Making an investment worth something to us, however, changes our entire attitude toward it. The key is to finding a way to make that something actually worth something to us. This is what will produce change and consistency.

I began to see more value in my time once I buckled down and figured out what it was that I actually wanted out of life. I learned this by mapping out my life vision and what I truly valued. Once my values and vision were in align, how I invested my time became a no-brainer. I was all in. My passion to create a life I loved caught fire and every second of my day became more and more meaningful to me. I was hot on the trail to learning the most efficient way to invest my time so that I could become the best version of myself and lead my best life. It’s funny how when something all of a sudden means something to you everything in your life changes and you will go above and beyond to achieve it. Your should becomes a must, and this changes your standard of living.

My life vision excited me so much that the thought of it made me want to jump out of bed each morning with a big smile on my face and a rush of exhilaration surge through my entire being. My alarm clock was no longer what pulled me out of bed, but my purpose. Mornings were no longer dreaded misery from hell, but beautiful opportunity that couldn’t come fast enough. I took it upon myself to ensure this valuable time was put toward its best use.

Our mornings set the mood for the rest of our day. If we rise in negative or positive spirits it creates a ripple effect throughout the course of our day and consequently affects all within it. If we are in a bad mood then presumably our irritability will show its ugliness in all sorts of ways, unless one of course is of heroic patience with the world and has the utmost self-control. This I do not have. Our internal experience nonetheless affects our quality of life. This state of being influences our thoughts, our emotions, our energy, our behaviors, and trickles into our relationships, our work, and how we carry ourselves throughout the day. I have found that the best way to avoid such sabotage is to beat it to the punch and to begin each day radically intentional. To be proactive and set in place a plan of action that sets one up for success causes transformation. I don't know about you, but this is the exact kind of substance my life was craving.

I have developed my own morning ritual that produces all the desired emotions that I want to experience. I feel gratitude, peace, joy, hope, and excitement. I feel inspired and empowered, prepared to make an impact and provide value to the lives of others.  I am energized, smiling, and happily alive. I am passionate about life and thrilled to use my gifts and talents to the best of my abilities. I am eager to grow, to learn, and to enhance my life all the more, developing a greater and greater capacity of fulfillment. I feel loved and immensely blessed in all the little and big ways God graced me with. My mind, spirit, and body are full of life and I am zealous to live mine to the fullest.

I condition this state of being by my own personal morning ritual that powerfully propels me to leading a successful and joy-filled day. I have the clarity, peace of mind, nourished spirit, and energy to accomplish my goals and to be hungry for their outcomes. I can’t begin to tell you how much of an impact this has been on the quality of my life and I commend anyone who takes the time to invest in themselves with their own morning ritual. I hope it has benefited you as much as it has me so that you can lead the most thriving life possible. I’d love to hear about what works for you and makes your mornings radiant!

What is something you like to do each morning that helps you start your day off strong? Let's chat it out!