How often do we work our fingers to the bone only to feel as though we are always coming up short? That we give and give of ourselves only to feel like it is never enough? Our efforts exhaust us. Many times we spread ourselves too thin in a desperate attempt to make a difference and yet we are left with the feeling that our investment held no value. This negative reinforcement can influence our sense of self risking us to fall into self-destructive thinking. We begin to believe we are never enough. Sometimes we need to press stop on this vicious cycle and remind ourselves that our failures, setbacks, and circumstances do not define us and that tomorrow is a clean slate to start over.

So let’s press stop together.

YOU are enough.

You are valuable, even when you are unable to cherish your worth. YOU are enough.

You are beautiful. What the media idolizes holds no comparison to your authentic beauty. YOU are enough.

You are worthy, even when others shame you. YOU are enough.

You are intelligent, even when you make a mistake. YOU are enough.

You are talented, even if you lost sight of your unique gifts. YOU are enough.

You are good, even when you have fallen. YOU are enough.

You are precious, even when you feel undesirable. YOU are enough.

You are powerful, even when you feel helpless. YOU are enough.

You make a difference, even if your impact is not visible to you. YOU are enough.

This week I encourage you to stand up against that negative voice that is always trying to knock your legs out from under you. Speak life into WHO YOU ARE so you too can begin to believe that YOU are enough.