Have you ever heard of the phrase time heals all wounds? I would beg to differ to this concept that influences the wounded heart to become stationary. When one’s heart believes it must only wait the sands of time for it to experience restoration then it will ceaselessly dwell in its suffering. The heart cannot find healing if it does not willingly seek it. This healing, one hopes time will free them with, does not come by passivity. It calls for action and movement of the human person. One must push forward and become vulnerable if it desires change.

When one passively stays still and does not actively seek out a source of healing, the human heart conforms to its habitat of deprivation. It may even use suppression as a defense mechanism in order to refuse awareness of the pain. The wounds remain no matter how deep they are buried. Its sharpness may dull, but the neglect of providing one’s wounds a nourishing source of healing will perpetuate harmful effects within the individual. Damage can last a lifetime and throughout this duration continue to destructively impact other areas within a person and in their life. It is a crippling poison in need of an antidote. One’s well-being depends on this.

All areas within one’s self are not short of one’s ability to willingly seek health. The human person must find purpose in this course of action. This will empower them as they delve into their brokenness and vulnerability to unearth their wounds and be in quest of its cleansing and healing. It takes courage. It takes strength. It takes persistence. It takes willing the good of one’s being. This leads one to grow in health, to restore wholeness, and to thrive in lasting freedom, with peace as one’s unifying power.

We all have been wounded by our pasts. We all are in need of healing. Let us not become stationary. Let us not consent to this lack of action on our part, which keeps us consumed by our wounds. Let us take initiative in our lives and seek cleansing, purification, nourishment, and growth. Let us address what is keeping us from developing a transformation. This quest is not an overnight fix, but a journey of the mind, the heart, and the soul. Such breath of life awaits to fill the depths of us if we yet only answer.