As I sit here sipping my morning coffee and savoring the stillness of an undisturbed dawn I can’t help but soak in the beauty of it. It’s peaceful. Sunlight is streaming through my curtains and as I peer out upon a restful little town my heart is warmed by its simplicity. Simplicity is beautiful. It invites us to experience a deeper sense of gratitude for what is commonly overlooked.

It’s a window. Through this window we grow in tune to life’s little glimmers that lights up the cracks of a broken world. Too often we find ourselves focusing on all the cracks rather than the beauty that is seeping through them. We complicate things. We rush past precious moments and tangle ourselves up in complexities of our day to day. We complicate our relationships, our thoughts, and our spiderweb of schedules that we allow to demand so much of ourselves we often neglect our ability to simplify things.

Let’s claim this moment and simplify. Let’s clear our minds, pause, and allow ourselves to soak up the beauty of simply being. Let it fill you. Let it shine through you. Let it warm those undernourished areas of the soul. Although our lives can be messy, let’s not neglect the beauty of it that in the simplest of ways grants us peace.