I was fighting for my life. Most little girls are actually. We don’t know it at the time, but somewhere in our childhood, lies and labels begin to sneak into our minds through wounds, developing our relationship with ourselves. It is how we can become our worst enemy.

For me, I was fighting to love the growing woman within me before I even had a chance to know her. I was fighting to feel like I was enough, valuable, and worthy before any of these words made sense to me at that naive young age.

Long story in a nutshell, my brokenness and inability to love who I was developed into a vicious autoimmune disease at seven-years-old and again at fourteen-years-old. I was hospitalized and spent physically fighting for my life in ICU. Little did my younger self know I wasn’t just fighting a physical illness, but I was up against a much deeper battle beneath all the physical symptoms, IV tubes, and medications. I was fighting a battle against my self-worth. The doctors did not think I was going to survive my autoimmune disease, but God had a bigger plan for me.

Heart to heart, I know how it feels to be emotionally at rock bottom. I was empty, hurting, and broken too. My recovery journey was the biggest mountain I ever climbed. From relearning how to walk to being able to see myself the way God sees me is a story that will forever change my life for the better. Since my near-death experience, it took ten years of trial and error, learning, and failing forward, but my wild soul finally found the peace it was longing for. It was my new beginning. I awakened to what self-love truly means on the inside. Soul-deep love. I became the woman I was destined to be.

This blog evolved through my burning desire to share what I learned with the heart of every woman who is searching for rest, a second chance with herself, and stability. I believe each woman is worth so much more than this world has to offer her and that once she connects with this purpose, she becomes life-changing. I never want a woman to ever feel like she is alone on her journey or isn't capable to move mountains within her.

You are.

I know I would not be here today sharing my victory story with you if I hadn't. I’m a survivor of illness, abuse, depression, and the worst version of myself. God has saved my life in more ways than I can count. My story is a messy one, but the bigger our messes the bigger our message when we triumph! I know that you are a survivor too, and that there is a light inside of you that needs its breakthrough.

InspireMe is a brand to help empower women to fall in love with their true selves so that they can live a breathtaking life that is worthy of them. I share personal stories, refreshing new perspectives, and actionable ways to move you toward lovingly connecting with your calling as a woman.

I stand for those who have ever questioned their worth, their genius, and their existence. I’m a voice for those who have lost their own, a life line for those who have given up on themselves, and a hope that YOU TOO can be healed and restored.

Not only will I sprinkle my personal encounters in this space, but also tidbits of my education as it relates to health and well-being. As a former graduate of Franciscan University where I received my bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I am currently enrolled in the Master of Arts Counseling Program at LeTourneau University for a dual specialization in Licensed Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy. I’m so excited to help you breakthrough the way I learned how!

Your story is not over, darling. Let’s wipe the dirt off your face and give yourself permission to get to know the real you so that you can fall in love with yourself for good.


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