Are you WILD for a desire God placed on your heart? I'm talking blessed in a waterfall of ZEAL that cannot be tamed even if flaming arrows were piercing you. Yes, that kind😄👌

🔥🌏You probably have these BIG dreams, brilliant ideas, and a soul on fire for changing the world, making a mind-blowing difference, and are constantly thinking BIG, BIGGER, BIGGEST. Anything that requires being fearless attracts your attention and if the word LIFE-CHANGING is somewhere thrown in, you're throwing yourself in too. I'm right there with ya girl🙋

💥These missions God sends us on ARE world changing, but often in ways that are very different than our understanding of it. While we visionaries light up at the thought of worldwide transformation and making a difference in billions of lives by doing BIG things that the globe explodes over....God so often calls us to change the world through little personal moments that are quiet, simple, and hidden.

💜He calls us to change the world with little deeds done with great humility and great love... through loving the very people He placed in our lives. The people who are in our lives right now. The people we see regularly, who we already know...our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and the ones in our own community. How are we loving THESE people?

🙏Mother Theresa changed the world through loving the people in Calcutta. St Therese of Lisieux changed the world through loving the cloistered sisters. How are we changing the world through loving the person whose right in front of us?

💞One change of heart can change another's, and that change of heart can change another's, and another's, and so on, until love spreads through the world like wildfire.

Love another personally, in secret, quietly, and without the limelight. Flowers grow in silence. Grass grows in silence. Trees grow in silence. So does the human heart.

🌻Today, let another's heart encounter your love in such a way that it may have actually changed it. Watch that person's life bloom. Watch God work through them in such a fruitful way that soon enough they too are changing hearts.

Don't worry yourself with who to love next. Don't look so afar that you can't see the very souls God brought for you in your life. Today. In this moment. He's so personal that He desires us to be personal too.

So let's be more personal with those around us. Let's love a little more PERSONALLY because that is how we make a more personal impact on the world.


👉Your takeaway: I want to be friends with YOU. Yes YOU, personally. Pop me a message so I can personally love you darn it😂 For real, say hey! If you're reading this that means I want to know YOU personally. So holler! Let's be friends💁



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