I just came inside from a beautifully therapeutic walk outside in the sunshine and fresh air. I felt so at peace, so joyful, so calm, and refilled that I had to share my experience with you guys! It’s so amazing what natural resources can do for our well-being. Whenever I have felt broken, rejected, unloved, stressed, lonely, angry, ashamed, hurt, abandoned, or depressed, stepping outside and allowing God to fill my senses with His wonders of the world, would give me new life. It was like God was kissing my wounds through His gifts of creation and blessing me with His abundance of kindness.

Today, I had a lot on my mind and on my heart, so I scooped up my little doggie, Jazzy, and off we went to explore the beauty outside our window. God’s love seeped into every bit of me and filled my mind, my heart, my senses, and my soul. Through marveling in the little flowers poking up through the earth, the singing of birds in the trees, the gentle breeze that felt so refreshing on my skin, and the smell of springtime coming into bloom, I was graced by His beautifying love to give God access to the depth of me and allow Him to move through my spirit. We had a lovely conversation of course. Deep and heavy one moment, lighthearted and funny the next, interrupted a couples time by Jazzy wanting to run and play with a toddler in someone’s yard, but just enough to refill me with intimacy that I was craving.

It’s heavenly how God invites us to fall deeper in love with Him through beauty. The beauty of lush green grass, the gentleness of a butterfly, crisp red apples, cleansing rain, streams of sunlight on our windowpanes, a majestic sky, radiance of a rainbow, a magnificent mountain range, and tropical paradises that soothe our minds. It’s moving, inspiring, empowering, transforming, and humbling. God reveals a glimmer of His glory through His gifts of creation. We experience only a peak of heaven, but enough to ignite everything that we are into everything that we’re called to be. It moves us into deeper faith so that we do not live by sight.

When I dance in the rain, climb to the peak of a mountain, relax on the seashore, stroll down a dusty gravel road, whistle on my walk home through the snow, climb a pear tree, pick wildflowers in the meadow, search for four leaf clovers, make dandelion wishes, watch the sun sink in splendor, or sit at a lake and just open my heart up to God, He fills it. He fills me. Every time. Little precious heart to heart moments as His beloved has healed me in my brokenness so many times. It has brought peace and restoration to emotional wounds, mental bruising, and spiritual battles. It has helped me feel more deeply, grow more wisely, and be a better student of my heart. It has helped develop my friendship with Him and has calmed many of my storms. The fruits of it are immeasurable.

How can one’s heart not feel grateful toward such love? I have been striving to express this gratitude more deeply and authentically through simplicity. Literally saying thank you, smiling up toward heaven, or being a little extra gentle and compassionate toward those in my life. Even toward myself. It’s heartwarming and melts the iciness in my heart whenever I am able to live out my gratitude for love of Him.

I can only imagine how mind blowing His glory is, and how I’ll feel when I am finally home and His glory is revealed to me in the beatific vision. I can’t wait.


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