After only one week of its launch InspireMe received a LIEBSTER AWARD for 2018! This nomination was a sweet surprise since I was new to the blogging world and hadn’t a clue there were even awards out there to be had. My mind became a whirlwind of confusion and excitement as I dove in to learn what it all meant.  I didn’t know the first thing to blogging and this award made me even more confused, although it gave me a feeling that InspireMe must be doing something right.

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A Liebster Award is given to a favored blogger by another blogger as an expression of endearment and appreciation. The term Liebster is German, which means “beloved, endearing, lovely, sweetest, pleasant, dearest, valued, and welcome.” When a blogger nominates another blogger with this award it represents their welcoming into the blogging community and affirms their blog to be a favorite. Offering a blogger this award encourages them to keep shining. I was bubbling over with joy to say the least!

I would love to thank THECOZYME who presented me the Liebster Award and I am so honored to accept. I encourage you to check out this boss babe’s successful blog, which features lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and motivation! She provides lovely insight to leading a beautiful life all while reflecting one’s own beauty along the way. In my opinion, her content is a breath of fresh air as her bright personality pops all over it. She rocks the perfect balance of glamorized professionalism and everyday realness all while conquering her goals in a pair of hot heels! Okay, she doesn’t wear heels all the time, but check these babies out! CLICK HERE. Definitely will be owning a pair of these bad boys ASAP.

To accept a Liebster one must honestly answer a list of personal questions the nominee is provided. Kind of like back when we were kids on a sleepover and you were huddled around with your closest friends playing Truth or Dare and you had to share your deepest darkest secrets. Okay, maybe this isn’t that extreme, but you still have to answer truthfully and then create your own fun questions that you get to pass on to the lucky ones you nominate! Fun, right? I think so.

THECOZYME asked me the following 10 questions, so here’s to revealing some secrets of my own!

1. What drove you to blogging and what are the challenges you are facing as a blogger? How do you tackle them?

This is actually a question I am peppered with ever since I became a blogger and it never ceases to excite me as I share this part of my story. I like to summarize my taking the plunge into the blogging world as a fusion of my beloved passions in life that set my soul on fire. Ever since I was a child and learned how to write my name I took pencils, crayons, and markers everywhere with me. I loved to share stories. I remember begging my parents to visit the “notebook isle” every single time we were out shopping so that I could bring home another book to fill the pages with creativity from a little dreamer’s imagination. Writing always felt like adventuring into another colorful world of anything amazing I wished it to be. I was happy whenever I had the chance to write to my heart’s content. It only made sense that I took this loved hobby and brought life to baring my inspirations with others through blogging.

The challenges I face as a blogger are certainly learning the ins and outs of the blogging world while juggling a whirlwind of a schedule as a grad student. It’s all so fun and I love to put myself up to the challenge, but tackling these babies while still maintaining a sound sleep schedule has certainly put me in for a loop. I have learned to prioritize my time and invest myself in the areas that need my attention most before moving on to completing the next task. Coffee and peaceful mornings have been my life-line!

2. Do you blog full time?

I like to say that I give 100% to my blog as well as 100% to my studies. To me, compromising is not an option and I don’t like to slack in either pursuit.

3. Where is your next travel destination?

I just booked my annual getaway to the Wyoming mountains! I love to give myself time to unplug from the world, reconnect with my roots, and spend quality time with family. So sitting on a mountaintop far away from noise, traffic, and society, soaking up peace and quiet while enjoying a Wyoming sunset is my kind of soul food.

4. What is the most extreme thing you’ve ever done?

It’s somewhere between driving myself non-stop across the country with a new puppy to surprise my family and being sideswiped by a semi along the way, buying myself a one-way bus ticket to Manhattan, New York City at nineteen-years-old from states away, sleeping on the floor of a Church with my best friend at sixteen-years-old to escape a blizzard in Washington DC, barely surviving a near death experience in ICU when I was fourteen, trying to stop a horse while being dragged through thorn bushes when I was thirteen, and being convinced I was the new Annie Oakley at age six, mounted a horse I wasn’t supposed to, and took a bucking crazier than the World Championship Rodeo. You tell me!

5. When you have a writer’s block what do you do to work it out?

A long time ago I heard some amazing advice and never forgot it. I was told that if I want to write a book for the sake of having wrote a book then I got it backwards. I write a book because I have something to say. I apply this same concept to my blogging. If I don’t have a story to share then I don’t write one. When I do have a story to share then the words usually flow pretty effortlessly. When the words are coming to me more at the speed of molasses then I’ll call it a day and dive into great literature that always stimulates my mind! (I love absorbing and learning as much as I can from the top dogs!)

6. What advice will you give to those who want to start blogging?

I think the most important part of blogging is authenticity. Always be genuine with your readers and true to yourself. I think great successful bloggers embrace their own voice and let their fun personality shine through! They don’t conform to this overly saturated commercialized pitch that relies on overused pick-up-lines. If people want to watch a commercial they’ll turn on the TV. Your readers want to get to know you personally. Don’t be afraid to be real with them, let your true colors fly, and have crazy fun with it!

7. Do you interact with your readers? How?

Absolutely! I love connecting with all my readers and building relationships with them. I love good conversations and learning more of who they are. It makes my day when they reach out and share their own inspiring stories with me! I’ve connected with some kindred spirits this way. I think genuinely getting to know your readers is one of the best parts of blogging!  I definitely respond to each of their messages, comments, and emails. I will also reach out as well just to say hello and see how their day is treating them. I love to chat and make friends with them all.

8. Name one thing that inspires you daily?

My aspirations.

9. If you had to give advice to what will it be?

I think you have beautiful talent for modeling! I would love to see this in a cover photo as a homepage background that represents the theme of THECOZYME. I think you could really make it shine! :)

10.Are you a member of any blog forum/group? How does it benefit you?

I am! I have joined some blogger groups, which have really enabled me to connect with other bloggers and learn the ropes firsthand from some incredibly successful people. I try to surround myself with those who I can learn from and those who are hungry for success. These empowering people create an amazing support system and give me key advice to enhancing what I do! It’s such a fun community to be apart of!

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I would now like to take a minute to acknowledge  THE GLOBAL AUSSIE, which is a global competition where all those who have won the Liebster Award for 2018 can enroll in this year’s competition beginning January 1, 2018 through December 25, 2018. The winner for this global award is announced December 31, 2018.

InspireMe nominates the following bloggers for the Liebster Award 2018:














  1. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

  2. What three adjectives best describe your personality?

  3. What was a fear you conquered?

  4. If you were a Looney Tunes character which would you be?

  5. What is something that you never told anyone about you?

  6. What makes you smile every time you think about it?

  7. What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?

  8. If you could live one day of your life over which would it be and why?

  9. What quality do you like most in other people?

  10. Would you rather be breathtakingly beautiful, charmingly witty, or angelically good?


Thank you all for reading about InspireMe's fun experience winning the Liebster Award 2018! Wishing great success to each and every one of you in your endeavors as well. Here’s to approaching bigger and brighter futures for us all!