InspireMe celebrates a win in #MentalHealthMonday twitter competition!

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It is an honor to have InspireMe’s first published article VICTIM TO VICTOR chosen to be featured in Mental Health Monday. This twitter competition was a delight! Tweeters are invited to share their story on MENTAL HEALTH on the first Monday of the month. Out of the pool of contestants the top entries are chosen to be featured on BEXCAPADES for readers to learn the personal stories and issues real people face. The creator of the competition, who resides in the UK, was inspired to create #MentalHealthMonday by her own personal experiences of mental health and desired to share with others the opportunity to highlight true stories that show “there can be light after darkness”- Rebecca Burke. Mental Health Monday has now grown to become a haven of inspiration for readers everywhere.


To read the results for February of 2018, the top chosen are featured along with their published articles here in MENTAL HEALTH MONDAY.

Please also take a moment and read of Mel (whom is the co-creator of the competition) as she shares her beautiful and courageous story of her personal experiences with depression and light on mental health. Her heartfelt story is one that bares truths inside a human heart and how these relatable truths, so often untold, can support others who also live a similar story. Her story can be found HERE.

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I am humbled and ever so grateful that InspireMe was selected and featured in this monthly competition. I believe that there are many people out there who have similar stories that could help someone in need. It’s not easy to be vulnerable and share your heart with everyone, but if it can shine light into someone’s darkness then I believe every storyteller would agree that their leap of faith was worth it. I know mine was.