Throwing it back to MEXICO with this one . . .

Remember how soothing vacation felt? No appointments, meetings, places to be, people to call, projects to complete, papers to turn in, deadlines upon deadlines giving you migraines from hell . . . None of it! Just peace and quiet, relaxation, sweet serenity, and 50 shades of happiness! The only words that need to come out of your mouth are please and thank you as the beach waiter politely provides you another pretty pina colada. Ah, the luxury!


Yet here we all are, buried beneath our messy lives, bombarded with life-sucking bills, piling commitments, constant noise, irritating distractions, and everything else that serves as a blow-beneath-the-belt reminder that we are anywhere but on vacation. Sometimes we need a breakaway. Okay, all the time. Just some days more than others. We need a mental getaway where we give ourselves time to unplug. Rest. Savor the quiétude that a blissful oasis can grace us with. Our minds and bodies thirst for relaxation where we can unwind and treat ourselves to serenity. So before we all sell our homes, pack our lives into a suitcase, and board the next direct flight to Mexico, let’s take a minute and explore our own state of mind.

Sure, sunbathing on a tropical beach with swaying palm trees and soothing sounds of ocean waves washing the shores can make this whole peace of mind thing a lot easier. Pretty much anyone would prefer to be detoxing their thoughts while sipping a long island on, well, an island, somewhere beautiful, and not while they’re sitting in a cubicle with yet another angry customer on the line chewing their ear off with a endless list of complaints. (I really hope your life isn’t that bad) but if it is, it doesn’t take a blow to the bank account to escape from the noise and experience a heavenly haven. The simple solution to some tranquility actually lies within your own self.


Yes, right in the middle of our own chaos we can give ourselves a free pass and treat ourselves to some peace of mind! Take control. Give yourself a mental break! I personally think when one disconnects from the world and gives themselves an opportunity to reconnect with themselves beautiful things happen!

I like to disconnect from the world by unplugging from technology. Giving myself a few days to just enjoy my own company and not be living my life through a virtual world. It's liberating. I can hear myself think. I can live real life. I can explore my own backyard. I can create big ideas from my very own imagination! I can see beauty around me firsthand and not through a filtered and photoshopped image on Facebook! I can go on an adventure and fill my senses with wonderful experiences that makes my ordinary afternoon glisten and pop! It's for my own delight, my own growth, and allows me to soak up life for my own fulfillment.

People may not want to miss out on the newest juicy details flying about on social media, but I find what’s happening right outside my window much more fascinating. There’s a big and colorful world out there that we miss out on when we are glued to our technology. I don’t know about you, but I like to explore it and leave my footprints of adventures all throughout its mysteries. These footsteps I leave behind are filled with memorable life stories, moments that never get to social media. To have lived them through my own eyes, felt them with my own senses, and have them stored away in my own heart and memory are plenty enough for me.

If I were to ask anything of you (besides inviting you over for coffee) I'd ask that you give yourself this personal chance to unplug from the world and fall in love with yourself. Savor your own thoughts. Be entertained by your own company. Stumble upon an adventure that pulls you out of your comfort zone. Go out and live experiences that's refreshingly different. Grow your mind through your own love of creativity and color your life with it all! In fact, go live life by coloring outside the lines! Dance in the rain, eat popsicles, climb apple trees, sing from rooftops, read big books with even bigger vocabulary, drive through the countryside with your windows down and hair so messy it makes you laugh out loud! Jump in cold lakes, leaf piles, and anything that for a thrilling moment takes your breath away. Enjoy this beautiful life by fully living in it and let it fill you so much you can’t help but be happy.

You don't have to be a billionaire or the CEO to give yourself a vacation whenever you want.

The key to your own peace of mind has always been right in the palm of your hand.

I may not be in Mexico anymore, in a colorful hammock on a white sandy beach with umbrella drinks at my fingertips, but I'm sure in a Mexico state of mind, and I’m cool with that.