As much as I love to play with makeup, glam myself up, and wear something fabulous I would have to say this is not my preference of appearance. Yes, it’s fun to get creative, piece together adorable outfits, and enhance our beauty. It’s fun to be supermodels when we glamour up with our best friends or take drop dead gorgeous photos with them. It’s fun to give each other flawless makeovers and then freak out over all the prettiness. Girls love what is beautiful to them. Beauty is fun and enjoyable because it makes us feel good. It makes us happy. As delicious as it all is, it honestly doesn’t compare to the feeling I experience that my raw and natural beauty gives me. This reveals to me a much deeper sense of beauty, something more enticing, and it invites me into a more desirable experience of happiness that draws me deep beneath my skin’s surface.


My natural beauty kindles a fond fusion of mind, body, and soul. It illuminates me. To not wear makeup and let my skin breathe, to not fuss over my hair and let it blow free in the wind, and to just wear something comfy without putting thought into it is liberating. I discover a new sense of joy through moments like these where I am free to be apologetically myself without shame. I like being all natural me best. Embracing my own natural beauty and feeling comfortable in my own skin is rewarding. I feel refreshed, alive, and myself when I let myself just be. I think it’s important to have moments like these in our lives. It grounds us. It empowers us. It’s healthy and brings our true beauty into perspective. Here are 12 reasons why embracing your natural beauty empowers you:


When we don’t feed into our vanities we are choosing to live as though the world does not revolve around ourselves. Our attention shifts from ourselves to something greater and it is here we discover a sense of freedom. By stepping outside of our own little worlds we enter into a much richer experience and are able to view life with a maturing attitude. We are no longer self-seeking, but go beyond ourselves to value what else is beautiful.


Our natural beauty gives us lasting confidence. We become more sure of ourselves and walk in self-respect. We do not allow others to cheapen our sense of worth nor do we let them influence our self-image.  We experience a sense of control, a sense of victory, and we deeply feel our value. We know our worth and it continues to shine through how we carry ourselves. A confident woman is always beautiful.


When we can look at ourselves in the mirror and absorb our natural beauty we discover a deeper sense of independence. We find originality, distinction, and are proud to not only look different from the world, but are proud to be different from the world. We embrace this independence by thinking for ourselves out loud. We do not fear standing out from everyone else, but welcome it.



When we feel comfortable in our own skin we do not allow the judgments of others to get beneath it. We become fearless. We live courageously and do it on our own regardless of what people say or think. We don’t allow others to stamp their approvals onto us nor do we feel the need to seek attention to affirm our beauty. When we become fearless nobody can stop us or change our attitude. We glow in our self-assurance.


When we let go of our pride and take an honest look at ourselves we are able to see all of our weaknesses, flaws, and human nature that is vulnerable to mistakes. We acknowledge our imperfections through a virtuous self-examination and it is humbling. We know within our hearts we are not perfect and with a humble attitude we are at peace with that. When we are humble there are no words or actions that can damage us. A humble heart creates a loving heart that takes all that it receives as an opportunity to grow and to love more. Whether that is to love others more mercifully, love ourselves more deeply, or love life lessons that develops our character, we know there is so much more excellence to strive for than to only enhance our physical appearance. By remaining humble we do not concern ourselves with outdoing others, being perfect, or being right, but reminding ourselves with what is right.


When we embrace our own natural beauty we discover a desire to uplift other women. We no longer feel the need to compare, compete, or sabotage. We instead feel the need to uphold, strengthen, support, and encourage. We see other women as companions who we care for. We want others to see their own natural beauty and feel great about themselves too. What makes a woman lovely is her ability to not see beautiful women as threats, but to see and value the beauty in who they are.



We develop clarity through simplicity. We are able to absorb the real sense of things and see beauty in things as they really are. It frees us from wanting more and allows us to marvel in what is. We cherish its purity. When we see the beauty in simplicity we ease ourselves of our complexities and experience peace. Not only is it a great source of joy to our lives, but it is good for the soul.


Cherishing our own natural beauty creates healing. We are all wounded from our past, but when we are able to see our beauty and what we are truly made of gives us the power to heal. We learn that we are greater than our wounds. We understand that the circumstances from our past do not define us nor do they cheapen who we are. When we know our worth and appreciate everything that we are we grow in strength and learn to let old hurts wash away.


Embracing our natural beauty is an expression of love for who we are. When we love ourselves we are joyful, we feel we are enough, and we are fulfilled. We don’t feel the need to be decorated, paraded, or admired to be worthy of love. We believe we are already worthy. When we love ourselves we don’t spend time despising everything that we aren’t, but rather treasuring everything that we are. We become happy when we love ourselves. We find peace in our lives when we love ourselves. We rise to our true potential when we love ourselves. We bloom!


When we are confident in our own skin we find the delightful ability to laugh at ourselves now and then. It is freeing. It is us finding light in a moment that others may not have the self-esteem to do. To choose laughter is to choose making the best out of a situation and not allowing our feelings to be hurt. We take a humbling approach and experience joy by doing so.



Our world becomes a lot brighter when we are happy with ourselves inside and out. We express ourselves authentically and enjoy our own company. We view ourselves in a healthy way and maintain a positive outlook on life. Our happiness increases as we continue to take joy in all that we are and all that we are meant for. Not only does it create passion within us for living, but it nourishes our understanding to be ourselves and to not throw away our time trying to be anything else.


When we value our true beauty we grow more true to ourselves. We are genuine, honest, and do not feel the need to prove what we are not. We desire to reveal more of what’s interior than exterior and by doing this we are inviting others to remember what is valuable. To be ourselves and to believe it is beautiful reflects our dignity and our decision to cherish it.


Our natural beauty grows from within and shines through externally. To be able to recognize and appreciate this about ourselves does wonders. It is uplifting, empowering, and awakens us to our authentic beauty. This enlightenment brings life to all that we are. It is in these moments where we are our most lovely. It is a pure and deep discovery of ourselves that is lasting and captivating. This really does feel better than dolling ourselves up. When we can mentally and emotionally embrace our natural beauty we are our most beautiful.

Cheers to all you beauties!