About Us


About Us

Hey girl hey!

You finding our lagoon is the next big thing since I fell from the choir loft in Church! Don’t worry, it was just down the stairs. Grab a cocktail and let's be friends!

So you know that embarrassing or painful something you just can’t open up about because you feel that if you do you’ll start crying and won’t be able to stop? Babe, you can bet your sweet buns that I’ve had a lot of those dark somethings, and probably more than I should confess on the internet…oops! Doing it anyway.

My name is Terez, a Women’s Lifestyle Blogger and Self-Love Mentor who encourages you to dare fall in love with yourself for good. I’m an advocate for abused women who are looking for a reason to love themselves and a way to rebuild their shattered lives.

I'm here to help you unapologetically love who you are beneath all the wounds, lies, labels, dark secrets, and a shame-filled past so you can breakthrough it all and live a brand-spanking new life that doesn’t just look good on the outside, but feels good on the inside.


Yaas! If I can do it then so can you! Say hello to newfound self-worth, grounding confidence, steady self-esteem, a beautiful body-image, spiritual transformation, and safe soul-deep relationships that support your well-being. Oh my gosh, the freedom! Girl, we’re all about that GLOW.

I can’t promise life will be peachy and perfect from here on out. Heck I just caught my dinner on fire the other day, but I will be here for hugs, emotional support, and to set flame beneath your booty!

Behind the Scenes

I suppose you’re curious as to how I came up with this wild idea! I would love to say that InspireMe came to be because I kicked butt as a self-made billionaire, received an Emmy Award for something cool, or pretty much had life figured out. Obvi, I haven’t done any of these.

I’m currently writing this with one sock on and one sock off. Since we’re being scandalously honest, the idea of starting a blog for women first rolled into my mind in the dead hours of the night when I was unable to sleep because of PTSD (okay, not so scandalous, but true). My life had been full of hidden pain and I wanted to help women in their own journeys of recovery. A couple years and a lot of healing, growing, and soul-searching later, a brand for empowering women to fall in love with their true selves was born.


I still don’t have life mastered, but through grace and grace alone I learned a lot of lessons after falling flat on my face. My life is anything but glamorous. I still forget to check the oil in my car (sorry Dad!) and will rock over-sized sweatpants with a pineapple on my head seven days out of the week if I can. I’m just here because I once had a hidden story that maybe you can relate to.

Hangout with me a little longer and you'll get an inside scoop on how I fought low self-worth, depression, illness, a near death experience, abuse, and heartbreak that led me to awakening the woman beneath it all who was made for so much more.

I created this space to inspire those who have been at their own rock bottom to rise above the impossible and allow themselves a second chance at wholeness, to fall in love with themselves for good, and live a breathtaking life worthy of them. I hope it anchors each woman’s heart in reason to reconnect with the captivating woman God created her as and run wild with her. Oh, and beach parties are a thing too!