Beautiful soul,

Breathe. You have come to a place of unconditional love. You are safe. You are wholly accepted just as you are. You are wanted here. This is a place of rest, where you are invited to heal your broken wings. There is no dark hidden shame within you that would change the way I see you. You are worthy. You are loved. You belong. Each of us are a little broken, and that is okay. You are not alone. You are surrounded by emotional support, empathy, and grace so that you can rest awhile.

I know this journey has been painful for you. Your story isn’t like anyone else’s, and it’s been long, lonely, and deeply wounding. It is okay to feel exhausted. It is okay to feel like what has happened is too much. I know you never asked for any of it. Everything is going to be okay, sweet girl.

I am so proud of you for what you have endured and survived. I believe you are capable of amazing things because the wounds you carry reveal how strong you truly are, even if you don’t always feel capable. Your heart alone can move mountains. I believe that.

As a gentle reminder, you are divine. You are more than any label that has been attached to you. You are more than any mistake that still weighs on your heart. You are more than the ways you have been unloved by others. You are more than the universe itself. You are brilliant, soft, and strong. You are beloved.

I believe there is a fierce and tender woman beneath the burnt out one who is waiting for her chance to rise. She is longing to be seen and cherished. This is a graceful woman who has faith in herself, the courage to say yes to her self-worth, and dances to the beat of her own heart. She compassionately accepts all of herself unconditionally and unapologetically delights in who she is.

This woman laughs fearlessly into cold winds, doesn’t punish herself, judge her feelings, live in shame, or neglect her need for love. She devotes herself to inner kindness, forgives herself, trusts herself, and attracts beauty and goodness into her life. She is a treasure, effortlessly comfortable in her own skin, and dares to live a life that is worthy of her. She is an adventure, a dance in the rain, and everything real. Her beautiful mind is magnetic and full of hope. She is pure poetry with a smile that sparkles like champagne. She loves to spread her wings and fly, and oh how she can soar! This woman is you.

I'm here to help YOU fall wildly in love with who you are beneath all the wounds, lies, labels, and layers of misunderstood identities, so you can breakthrough it all and live a breathtaking life worthy of you.

Let's stop chasing after self-worth. It has always been right there inside of you, burning as bright as the sun. It is by connecting with your self-worth that you will be able to ground yourself in confidence, steady your self-esteem, build a beautiful body-image, and surround yourself with safe soul-deep relationships that support your well-being. Your worthiness will pierce through every layer of doubt so you can create a captivating life that feels good on the inside.

It's your turn to cleanse yourself from a broken past and give your heart access to liberating and deeply fulfilling life-transformation. If I can do it, so can you.

I'll be with you to hold your hand for emotional support through the messiness of making peace with yourself, healing from being your own worst enemy, and freeing the most beautiful version of you - the REAL you - so you can thrive in joy-filled every day life. (Not to mention, I'll be doing little victory dances with every baby step of progress you take!)

I must be honest with you. Learning all the wondrous and beautiful things about you takes time. It does not happen overnight. There are more captivating things about you than there are stars in the sky. You are a mystery, waiting to be discovered. Devoting yourself to a personal love story only meant for you is something only you can decide for yourself. This is your story babe. Only you can be the heroine of it. I will support you and love you through it all because you are important to me and I know you deserve all of this and more. The journey is messy and hard, but I believe in you. I believe in you so very much.