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This is the story that I've never told anyone. It's a beautifully messy story that, like your story, may inspire someone somewhere. To me that means it's worth writing. I always believed that within each of our lives we would find chapters to explore full of inspirations that if looked at through the right lens would awaken something empowering within us -- something that would stretch our minds so we learn and think beyond ourselves, so we illuminate, and so we grow. We would discover we can develop possibilities that can change anything keeping us from living an authentic life we love.

InspireMe is where I invite you into my story where you can experience a part of my personal exploration of self, lived experiences, where and what I learned from the world around me, and the wisdom shared with me by others along the way. Here I like to โ€œthink out loudโ€ upon what has inspired ME in my simple everyday life that empowers me to live a fulfilling one through positive and healthy living. Iโ€™m here to connect with anyone who would care to stay awhile and listen in on my thoughts, reflections, and perspectives as I share personal insight to leading a life with meaning, with purpose, and with passion.

This is my story.

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